December 1, 2018

Winter Seasons

Posted in: Transitions

It was  0 degrees this morning with a wind chill factor that made it around -10. There is nothing a person can do but layer up,  put your head into the wind and go about your normal day. I actually love the seasonal changes in Virginia as they do establish some patterns in our lives. The key is to find the  beauty in every season we go through. It is the same for our individual lives. You may be in a winter season of your life,  it may be a season that has a biting wind with a wind chill of minus 15 degrees. You may be bundled up both physically as well as emotionally. Winter is hard, dark, at times seemingly endless and often we wonder if it will ever be over. Winter seasons often are times when we just have to get through it with an eye towards warmer days.

 I took this picture at a small stream that runs though our property. It reminded me of the beauty that can be found if we can just stop for a second , embrace the season we are in, feel the wind on our face and realize that after winter comes the new beginnings of spring.


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