October 17, 2018

The Dash

Posted in: Coaching

The Holidays are always a time of reflection for me since my parents both died in the month of December. Every time I go back home to NJ I make a visit to the cemetery and reflect back on the stories each headstone tells. The most telling is that entire lives are reduced to two dates and ONE LITTLE DASH. Each person’s life boiled down to the dash between each date. I find  myself questions like; What did they live for? Who did they love? Where did they work, were they happy, did they have dreams, ambitions, did they meet those goals, What mistakes did they make, regrets?

I consistently walk away with the same conclusions;

  • Can’t control much in life – we think we do but life tells us different
  • Life  can change in a moment
  • How we live the DASH is really what life is all about

As you reflect on your life (hopefully you do) keep the DASH in mind as you make your choices and decisions


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