March 15, 2018

Problems …here are a couple

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We all have problems. As difficult as they are when we are in the midst of them they do add value to our lives. Aristotle said, “We only learn through pain.”  It’s so true. We often never change until we hit bottom, until things get really bad. Here a couple of quick thoughts  about embracing problems;

  • They never leave you where they’ve found youA problem picks you up at one place but when it finishes with you you’re in another place. You’re never the same after you go through a problem. We only change when our pain exceeds our fear of change. Because none of us really want to change. We’re afraid to change. Yet when the pain gets worse than the fear of change all of a sudden we go, “I think I’ll change.” It motivates us.
  • Problems give us the opportunity to reflect upon our lives and the decisions and choice we have and are making
  • Problems allow us to make course adjustments – they are windows into a new way to think and do life

C. S. Lewis said,  “God whispers to us in our pleasure but He shouts to us in our pain. As hard as it is we can embrace our problems and they can become our friends !

How do you do when it comes to embracing your problems?

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