December 1, 2015

The American Dream

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Growing up in Northern New Jersey gave me many things. A deep love for family, a penchant towards pork rolls and a great Jersey accent to name a few, but perhaps the thing I am most grateful for was being able to witness the strong work ethic that played out in front of my young eyes every single day.

My Italian Grandfather had his own ice cream business, my Irish grandfather sold block ice before the days of refrigeration and my Father owned a taxi cab business that he ran nightly after spending his day job working at Otis Elevator. My grandfathers were chasing the American dream of provision, stability and being their own boss, while my father was looking to provide for his growing family. I owe a huge debt to these great men for forging the path of perseverance and hard work that I strive to follow in my own life,  and I work to pass it on to my children and the generations that follow.

Much has changed since the entrepreneurial American dream that my grandparents and father fought hard to carve a space in.  Perhaps the most prevalent is that company and employee loyalty are a thing of the past; a notion revered last by my grandparent’s generation in much the same way as wearing suits and ties to the office everyday are no longer standard work attire. In today’s corporate culture, my children will go through ten possible job changes in their careers, something that’s neither good nor bad, it’s just a simple reality of today’s work force. What we haven’t seen change in the past 60 years is the same intuitive sense that the men in my family had: owning your own business and seeing the direct result of your hard work was the best pattern to building your dreams and providing for your families. Period.

I can’t force the world to return to 1950’s work values; door to door ice trucks are a thing of the past and unfortunately there’s no need for taxis in the countryside of Virginia, but the principles of dreaming, building wealth and entrepreneurial ownership that I learned from my grandparents are not gone, they’ve simply evolved. Today more than ever the idea of owning a business that impacts the world for the greater good is a reality for anyone willing to put in the hard work. I am partnering with Isagenix, a company whose goals  to mentor, train and develop the next generation match mine and provide me with opportunity, income and satisfaction. Together we are working to redefine what it means to own your own business in 2015. Isagenix is allowing me to provide for my family, own my own business and return to the values that I believe in so deeply. Through hard work, integrity and perseverance I am shaping my American dream.

Join me. Let’s do this together. Let’s carve out our success in a chaotic and busy space. Contact me  there’s never been such a time as this.

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