January 17, 2014

What Type Of Baggage Do You Have?

Posted in: Coaching

It really is funny. You get on a plane and you watch people struggle to shove their oversized baggage into the overhead compartments. I can’t help but ask is this really worth the struggle? Reminds me of how we each do life. We all have baggage and how we “check” it really determines the type of life we will lead.

There are four times of baggage we carry;

  • Handbag person – Small things that are a nuisance, they are manageable, mobile with baggage
  • Duffle Bag person – Special events (seasonal or special event baggage, you know think Holidays, Funerals, Seasonal Moments) 
  • Suitcase person –Pack up all their feelings. Go somewhere new (all the time ) ; hoping their luggage gets lost. 
  • Trunk Person – Meticulous and controlling about life’s journey, pack away anything and everything and keep it locked up with a record and inventory.

What type of baggage person are you?

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